A recognized hospital for Medical Tourism: Hanshin Medipia Hospital

“Hanshin Medipia total medical check up center”

Hanshin Medipia Hospital has been founded in 1980 and has received numerous awards including the Korea Global Medical Supply Award with the Health Checkup Division No1 and has been designated as a Medical Tourism Hospital among many others awards. This explains why Hanshin Medipia Hospital provides medical examinations to several embassies for the visa deliverance.

Hanshin Medipia Hospital is also deeply involved in social and charity contributions giving free examination to orphanage, establishing education institute or sending medical volunteers abroad during natural disasters.

The 288 nurses, doctors and other health specialists provide the best quality services with state of art expertise and the latest medical equipment, reflecting their value: reliability, considerate service, convenience, after care.

Hanshin Medipia Hospital offers you 5 different programs specifically tailored to each stage of your life. A nurse will follow you though out all the examinations process and an English speaking doctor will present you all the results and will assure the follow up.

At Hanshin Medipia Hospital you will be given a special care with no waiting list in a place of comfort.

“We, Hanshin Medipia, are proud to be the leader in the preventive medicine industry, and pledge to do our best to serve you and become a global medical examiniation center.” Gang, Dae Gi – Chief Director

Feel free to contact us for further information, Health Care & Wellnees in Asia team is available and ready to plan your visit in Korea. 


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