Korea Wellness Escape


Seoul, Hyangwonjeong Pavilion

Seoul, Hyangwonjeong Pavilion

The Korea Wellness Escape is a unique combination of travel experiences. It is your opportunity for a ‘time out’ to unwind and focus on yourself and your health.

Enjoy high quality services in one of the best health screening hospitals in Seoul. The medical examinations will identify pre-existing health problems and assess your risk factors for disease. Ultimately, the result will provide recommendations on your lifestyle and health that will encourage a longer and healthier life.

Let yourself be immersed in Korean culture, food, heritage, leisure and many other activities during your stay in Seoul. Discover the treasure of Seoul during the traditional village tour and enjoy the traditional performing arts during a Korean buffet dinner. To explore the Korean architecture and ancient history, you will visit a UNESCO world heritage, Secret garden where kings and the royal family members used to go to relax and entertain.

Strolling down the streets of downtown, you may wonder why Koreans are so slim. It is thanks to “Kimchi”, one of the world’s top 5 healthiest foods, and you can learn how to make it. For a tonic experience, you will visit Korean traditional spa, jjimjilbang, to sweat out harmful toxins in your body! For mind recreation, temple stay will help you to restore peace of mind through Zen meditation and other exercises.

Korea is the only divided country in the world, and you will have a great opportunity to see the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the last living relic of the Cold War.

Seoul by night! N Seoul Tower will give you breathtaking panoramic views of Seoul from a great height.



 Day 1:

-       Arrival in Seoul with personal transportation to your hotel

-       Visit of Apgujeong area

Day 2:

-       Health screening

-       Rest / Hotel facilities

-       Shopping in Dongdeamun market

-       Korean traditional restaurant

-       Korean traditional performance

Day 3:

-       Korean Folk Village tour

-       Temple stay

-       Program: temple tour, tea ceremony (Da-do), monastic meals (Baru gongyang), chanting services (Yaebul), making Buddhist rosaries, meditation, conversation with a monk over a tea, 108 prostrations

Day 4:

-       Pannumjeom (JSA) tour (Advanced camp and Joint Security Area of the South Korean border (lunch included)

-       Visit of Namsan Tower and its panoramic view of Seoul

Day 5:

-       All day relaxation in a Korean Spa (outside Seoul)

Day 6:

-       Kimchi making class and Korean cultural lecture

-       Shopping in Namdemun or Myeongdong market

Day 7:

-       Changdeok Palace and Secret Garden or Gyeongbok Palace

-       Return to Incheon Airport

Additional Information

This package is designed for 2 people and starts at 6,300USD.

This is only a suggested itinerary. Please contact us for a tailored travel experience.

All rates are for 5* hotels. Rates may vary according to availability

“Standard” health screening fee is included – please refer to Hanshin Medipia Hospital to review the programs.

Guided tour includes English speaking guide, transportation and admission tickets

This offer does not include airfare

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